Nothing Important Is Taught

Nothing important is taught
Nothing precious is bought
Bitter tears are never wrought of fear
Nothing of real use is conspicuous
No eden is ever spacious
Our hearts though tremulous
Are with them that Went before us
Leaving void rooms And pale shadow
For nothing good is Ever taught.

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Genital Mutilation

I will get genitally mutilated
As my culture has so clearly stated
For long this stage i have abated
But for me a little girl it was created

My momma will give me words of courage
And the n i will be given tutelage
About sex, production and females ability to multlangauage
You are a fool if you think genital mutilation is out of age

My momma had her genital mutilated
With a blade that other before her mutilated
And her lead i will follow because for that I was created
I will get genitally mutilated

Our ancestor says: chop it off, glide it off, let the blood flow
And as they chop,we glide and dance and flinch and let the whole world know
That we sing this songs and to the genital mutilator willingly go
Because in our society, with love, we toe the toe.

Foreign girls may think us silly
To have them cut off our nilly willy
But how else will we in merry marry
Or get married while that abomination we still with us carry

All good girls will get genitally mutilated
There are no diseases to be gad as they have often stated
This is all by foreign media and foreign girls created
so as to destroy this sweet society that our ancestors for us created.

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ways of hearts

My heart has a way of understanding your hearts
Our hearts have ways of understanding our hearts
And we both are fans of following our guts
like wild wolves following the scent
Of what will soon soon be sweet meat
But then falling into the sport hunter trap
And being pierced by the knives so sharp
As the sport hunter says: “that’s a wrap”
And take with him the brown skin and head
To hand as trophies atop his bed.
My heart is not just meat and pipes and blood
It’s Ecstasyed when life sweet and wails when life’s hard
From girls and warriors and silly emotions it always keeps on its guard
My heart with me has traveled far
And I want yours with me to come even away further
To a place where young stars shine and lost soul gather
And flowers scents are medicine for the memory
So that with ease you may remember when life used to be merry.

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no it is not

i am hot
no i am not
it is the rot

in my heart
squeezing life out

this shit
is boring

it is hot
no it is not

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I am A Poet

Sometimes I wear a crisp suit
And my eye are not sunken sleepy
But i am a poet.

I speak in tongues
Also tongue in check
Which proves I am a poet.

In funerals I am touched to tears
And my words to the bereaved touching
Is that not a mark of a poet?

I do not vote
nor participate greedily in politics
just like a poet

like abram or the christ
I am growing a beard and getting robed
to complete my look as a poet

Silly girls think we only want to play
Grin, giggle and participate in girlish games
Would anyone not a poet know so?

When travelling I am always pensive with a lost look
And I am always having these wierd dreams
Which are all universally acknowledged signs of a budding poet

I am, shamefully, I admit
Intensely interested in deaths, homosexual issues and victims
As only a poet would

As if that is not enough
I know poets too, plato, napoleon, edna, eliot…
Since poets are naturally drawn to other poets.

Then there is the reading,
Paradise lost is amongs the great beautful works I have perused through during my leisure.
See, I am telling you I am a poet.

I am a poet
Which is why
I effortlessly wrote this poem.

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on death

death is not something i have thought of of late
afraid that so doing might be an inspired bait
but today as i crossed the road
my eyes bright, my shallow mind broad
i saw sprawled on the brown ground
a crashed chameleon
by rocks and sticks from playful boys transfixed by the creature neons
who also left the Little creatures
still growing in the reptile womb no chance to smile at nature.

death is not something i have thought of late
but today cold sunny morning was.

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How To Beat Planes Disappearance, Terrorism And All Evil.

An Electronic computer chip.

yes, and let that chip be implanted in our forehead or kidney or wherever and let it carry all our important data and information. let the chip record where we go and come and what we buy whether it be for butt or heart. let that chip also listen as we whisper word of lost love to our lovers or lovers hoped for

see how bright it is, see the light within?

see how bright it is, see the light within?

as we enter airports, so gigantic and magnificent it is like looking at the face of god, let others bigger machinery read our chip and tell the officers if we are good or bad. if we plan to kill little dreamy children or not

Anyone who refuses to have the chip implanted in him should be branded a crazy criminal and exiled from our clean, peace-loving society for we do not want such fellows here. for fun and sweet joy, let even our financial transaction be conducted via the chip so that we can easily keep everyone in the grid and easily collect tax

What is privacy? It is a small thing to give up if it means peace of mind from the fear of attack from terrorist like those at likoni or eastleigh. if it means that the phone can’t be hijacked and disappear, come on, put the chip on me already.

If my kids, on their way from school or brainwashing pallor are kidnapped so that i may pay the ransom, the chip will be triggered by the fear as a result of the increased heart rate and this, as it is connected to the security centers of the whole world will alert the security machinery and officer and in a nick of time, the kidnappers are apprehended

Which fool or uninformed citizen would fight such a chip whose sole purpose is to give the peace-loving consumer citizen peace of mind. hell, the chip will even help us do away with paper or coin money.

Bring it on. the chip i mean, not your filthy, germ infested and virus eaten penis!

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