Safaricom New Internet Bundles Policy Infuriate And Alienate Kenyans

Safaricom new internet bundles price structure that stink of cooporate greed

Safaricom new internet bundles price structure that stink of cooperate greed

Kenya leading communication giant has done it again. It has angered kenyan with another selfish move. Safaricom has changed the way her client access and use internet bundles populary known as MBs and which girls are known to beg from their boyfriends and which has thus been the basis for the creation and powering of many intimate relationships often leading to marriage.

In the new policy, you can only purchase internet bundles in terms of periods of time such as daily, weekly and monthly and no matter your usage or lack of at the end of the month or week or day you are back at zero. The prices have improved for the better. For instance, 50 GBs worthy of internet data is costing 6750 kshs which going by the previous rate is very cheap indeed but who uses 50GBs of data in a month except the cyber and movie burning guys who must be celebrating this new rates. The most a regular user can use is possibly 2GBs and the price for that is 1000 kshs which is quite exensive especially if you are not sure you will use all of it in a month since after that it expire. I think we have a probono case for a young ambitous lawyer for how is it legal for you to sell me something and then take it away if I dont use it. Young lawyers out there, any takers?

Previously safaricom customers were able to buy internet bundles and the policy was the more bundles you bought the cheaper the price. As an example the price of 3000 Mbs was almost 30% cheaper than 1000 MBs and if you were business minded there was an opportunity. You could buy the largest potion at the cheapest price and divide into smaller potion for resell and make your profit. Some smart ass guys somewhere did just that. Safaricom excutives won’t state this outright but their new policy is targetted at these servy business men for in their new policy you can only sambaza 10 MBs only twice which is 20 Mbs. So, another question for that young ambitioud probono lawyer to ask is: HOw do you sell me something and then tell me what to do with it, are these legal business practices? Ethical?

Methinks that safaricom is taking her customer for a ride. Customers should consider migrating enmass to a service provider who will have some respect for her client. Most buyer of the larger potion internet bundles such as 1500mbs do so and forget about buying bundles for the next two or three months, and now due to the greed of safaricom they have to buy every month regardless of their usage or they will be forced to become daily buyer which is far more expensive. For instance if you use the 65mbs @50 ksh every day you will pay around 1959 kshs yet for the same amount you can buy 5000 MBs which is almost three time the daily bundle amount. Daylight theft you say and you are right in that assessment.

To save face, safaricom must at once reverse that selfish, greedy napoleonic policy and allow hardworking kenyans to do whatever they want with what they have bought with their hard earned cash or not sell to them at all. These are kenyans we are talking about not toddlers. Monopoly and its way has been know to destroy giant firms as citizen Tv, KTN and NTV can affirm.

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Kenya’s School Heads Are Shameless, Heartless Thieves

busy Kenyans.

busy kenyans, the exploited poor of the land by rogue school heads

Following the publication of school fees caps by education CS Prof. Kaimenyi, the uproar from school heads has been as expected.

Day schools have been directed not to charge school fees exceeding kshs 9,374 while as boarding school should not charge more than 53,553.

This is still way high considering the sprawling poverty in kenya but it is far much better considering that some ‘prestigious’ national school charge more than twice that amount. Insanity, I know, unless these schools are holiday resorts.

Kenyans are of cause used to this.There have been numerous declarations of school fees caps for as long as school fees has been unaffordable and in all those instances no school head had bothered to even look at them leave alone follow them. It is just a song, a siren song to lull the masses.

Kenyans are not known for lowering commodities or services prices if lowered costs of doing business demands so. Look at the rogue matatu industry for inspiration and case study. Whenever the price of oil go up by two bobs or five, like terrible barbaric thieves, they immediately hike their fare by at least 20% margin but look what they have done since the price of oil started going down precipitously. Not a penny dropped on their prices.

Something I have never understood is how do headteachers get away with murder? How do they justify all that school fees that they demand? We all know that teachers are paid by the government and the same goes for building the schools and so on, so, there are few unknown costs.

A quick rough estimation will show you that a boarding school kid spend kshs 70 for food par day. A lot of kenyan family actually spent far much less than this for daily sustenance. This comes to about kshs 2100 in a month and this is on the high side. So,in a school term of three months, this kid will spend Kshs 6300 give or take kshs 1000. In my high school days I probably went to see the nurse no more than five times and so I never spent anywhere close to kshs 1000 for medical bills in four years. With ironing and electronic entertainment such as TV and heating water my electricity bill usually comes to kshs 500 monthly and a high school kid is neither ironing nor heating water nor watching TV everyday. So kshs 200 per month would do for him and he is sharing this with other kids so divide that by six. Books? Do the math and you will see that a boarding school kid spend no more than kshs 4000 a month which gives us kshs 12000 a term and 36000 a year and that is in the best national school. School do not buy bansen burners everyday, do they?

You will find that most of these schools have their own farms and cows for milk. I know because my school had all those so these school fees could even comfortably go down to at most kshs 20000 for a humane school head. But we are talking about merciless thieves who even insist that naive and helpless parents buy school uniforms at designated place often owned by these heads or relatives where prices are double if not tripple. As always remember not all of them are evil.

learning is not all in school, lets learn some gymnastics and how to kick ass men

learning is not all in school, lets learn some gymnastics and how to kick ass men but don’t kill our dreams

For how long will kenya government allow this blatant exploitation to continue? How many more kids’ dreams will the government watch get shattered due to exorbitant school fees by these animals called principals before the government step in?

Kenyans must unite in supporting prof. Kaimenyi as he try to save us from these rogue head teachers and we must all applaud him. Parents must insist on paying school fees as per the guidelines provided and there is a deviation from this, a strong reason must be given. Bravo prof. Kaimenyi we are all with you and in this we are together. KNUT, shame on you!

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Digital Migration In Kenya: What NTV, Citizen TV and KTN Do Not Want You To Know

The Future is finally here

The Future is finally here

As you may know, some years ago (nine to be precise) the countries of earth, kenya included, met in Geneva Switzerland , sat down over coffee and tea or alcohol and decided that the way to go in terms of television transmission was digital. That way, many TV station could afford and access frequencies to air their content. the one frequency that prior to that aired one channel could now air more than twenty.This was Gold.

They set June 15th 2015 as the year that all analogue frequencies would be switched off. All the parties involved agreed to this and some countries decided to even do it way before the deadline so that the transition would be seamless. Kenya, through the leadership of the immediate former president Mwai Kibaki was among those that decided to go digital early. For this Kenyans applauded.

People were consequently advised to cease purchasing analogue Televisions which saw a drastic drop in prices for big screens analogue televisions, however, Kenyans were informed that they did not have to buy new digital TV sets, they would instead purchase a gadget that would enable them to view digital programs on their analogue TV sets, these gadgets would act as translators. The boxes came to be known as digital boxes.

The relevant ministry in the Kenyan government was to handle those issues to ensure a seamless transition to the digital platform. Humans, and Kenyans are no exception, are notorious for doing things at the last minute and this was what motivated the government to self-impose a deadline on her citizens in an effort to avert that last minute rush. The ministry concerned, in consultation with the players in the mult-billion industry had decided that the digital distribution would be handled by a different player from the content creator ie TV station owners. However this did not stop the TV owners from playing in that field too. Thus, all interested parties were invited to bid for the licences to be digital signal distributor. Those who won fairly were awarded the license, fellows like star-times, GOTV, signet et al.

Now, several years later, nine years in fact, it has downed on the various TV station in kenya that this digital migration thing is not that simple to deal with. Shocking to them, hundreds of TV stations catering for all sort of things have immerged. You want music, there is one, you want movies there is one for that. Suddenly it occurred to these large incumbent players that competition would be too stiff and at once they started fighting digital migration by all means and transition dates started to be pushed forward for various stupid reasons such as Kenyans were not ready and could not afford it as if Kenyans had a choice but to afford it. It was like a woman who is due fearing the inevitable painful birth process while as the wise thing to do is to get it over with.

kenyans in line for a set top box at the last minute

kenyans in line for a set top box at the last minute

The three large media players do not want you to know that:

1. All set top boxes sold in Kenya are required by law to carry all free to air channels without a charge on the consumer, in other words GOTV box must enable you to watch all the free to air channels whether you pay the monthly payment or not. STARTIMES Must do the same too. Here is how it works. Star times have two boxes in the market, the first is for pay TV plus all the free to air channel, for this box, you have to pay a subscription fee monthly and there are varous banquets, the second box is one where you just pay the purchasing cost and that is it you never have to pay anything ever again. NTV, CITIZEN and KTN will never tell you this even if you shoot them, they will have you believe that you MUST make a monthly payment which is a blatant baldfaced lie. GOTV, on the other hand, have a different arrangement, they subside the cost of the box by almost half and give you two months of free subscription which is in an effort to entice you so that if you like what you see, you can either pay them a subscription each month to access their premium content such as super-sport, nat geo world or mnet, if you find you are unable to pay the subscription fee, you pay them a one off fee of (at the moment of going to press)1200 to offset what they subsided you and your GOTV box become free for life for all the free to air channel which are more than forty at the moment. Have you ever heard the three media mention this? Their lawyer Paul muite always claims that kenyan can not afford pay tv and the guy wanted to be a president and he can lie like that.

2.The three station have been claiming that their content  is being infringed, their copyright content. This could be a valid argument until when you consider the fact that nowhere will your TV ever say which box you are viewing it through. The TV does not say anywhere GOTV or bamba tv when you are watching NTV, you are watching NTV And the content remain theirs. They collect all their revenue and adverts and they show what they want. GOTV or Startimes just transmit what the station is transmitting. The carriers (bamba tv, gotv and the rest) do not share in the revenue collected by the station they carry. They are carried for free since if they were being charged, they would just refuse to pay.

3. The set top boxes they intend to import will not be free to kenyans and will not be an iota different from all the other boxes in the market, they are possibly all made by the same Chinese guys. The cost of manufacturing such a box plus shipping and other logistics is at the least 2000 kshs. If they intended to give them free to possibly 4 million kenyans that would cost them 8 billion kshs, you think they would give you that? If you think so, think again, these guys charge astronomical figures for death announcement in their papers, they can not give anything for free. Only deaths of rich politicians are announced free. They would sell their mothers before they do that. Their box, if it ever comes will just be sold like GOTV and it too will have to carry the free to air channels but may be they will get a way to interfere with their boxes now and then so that you can not easily access the other channels, I would not trust these guys with anything.

4. The there media have been pulling the patriotic card of late, they claim that CAK favoured foreigners over locals while awarding those frequencies licences, what they do not tell you is that their stations are owned by foreigners too in terms of shareholding or debts. They are only four TV stations and yet they were given 21 frequencies the other carriers who will possibly carry hundreds of channels were given the rest Pan africa got the most 57.

Of cause there are other numerous lies but lets just consider those for now. What we are being exposed to is the ugly face of rich big firm’s greed. Remember the guys who were fighting the computers?

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Steven Gerrard to leave Liverpool at the end of the season

Liverpool fc captain Steven Gerrard has announced that he will leave Liverpool for a fresh challenge abroad at the end of the season.
in a statement published at the club official website, Gerrard said: “This has been the
toughest decision of my life and one which both me and my
family have agonised over for a good deal of time.
“I am making the announcement now so that the manager
and the team are not distracted by stories or speculation
about my future.
“Liverpool Football Club has been such a huge part of all
our lives for so long and saying goodbye is going to be
difficult, but I feel it’s something that’s in the best interests
of all involved, including my family and the club itself.
“I’m going to carry on playing and although I can’t confirm
at this stage where that will be, I can say it will be
somewhere that means I won’t be playing for a competing
club and will not therefore be lining up against Liverpool –
that is something I could never contemplate.
“My decision is completely based on my wish to experience
something different in my career and life and I also want to
make sure that I have no regrets when my playing career is
eventually over.
“I can’t thank Brendan, the owners and everyone at the club
enough for how they’ve handled this and I am leaving on
great terms. Also, I would like to thank my teammates and
all the staff for their help and continued support.
“It is a very special place to be part of. It is my sincere
hope and wish that one day I can return to serve Liverpool
again, in whatever capacity best helps the club.
“One point that is important to make is that from now until
the last kick of the last game of the season, I will be as fully
committed to the team as I ever have been and giving
everything I have to help Liverpool win games.
“My final message is for the people who make Liverpool
Football Club the greatest in the world – the supporters.
“It has been a privilege to represent you, as a player and as
captain. I have cherished every second of it and it is my
sincere wish to finish this season and my Liverpool career
on a high.”

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36 More Kenyans Killed.

At least 36 kenyans have been killed by suspected Al-Shabaab once again in Mandera. The massacre Happened just a few kilometers from the sight where 28 other Kenyans were killed and come barely a week later. It also come in the wake of President Uhuru Kenyatta saying that it is the prerogative of every kenyan to ensure their security since the government could not be everywhere every time.

Reports state that the killed kenyans were slaughtered as they slept at their work site by gunmen believed to be the al shabaab murderers. some were shot dead and others were decapitated, it also reported that some were kidnapped. all the attacked Kenyans were non Muslim as all the Muslims were let go.

Police have confirmed the deaths saying they did not know the reason although all other Kenyans even nursery school kids know. It is now official that Kenya, once a citadel of peace has joined Iran, Iraq, Israel and others war ravaged nation as a death zone. difference is that Kenyans are yet to embrace the painful truth that they now reside in a death zone country and must take measure to protect themselves.

Police head Kimaiyo confirmed the attack and said the attackers had all escaped.

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Stripping of “indecently” dressed women.

Following the various incidences reported of women being stripped naked for dressing in what some uncouth character considered to be indecent let it be officially known now and here that Kenyans are highly evolved individuals and cultured and would never endorse or encourage such barbaric behaviours from men and toward women. To would be visitors, aliens or local, do not expect that those behavious of those few drank idlers represent the thinking and psyche of all kenyans. No. Simply no

for the libidoless men, here is a picture of a nicely dressed woman

for the libido-less men, here is a picture of a nicely dressed woman

How then, we ask, would these stoical, ignorant men act if they went to Kalahari desert and see how the Khoikhoi and suns are dressed, what would they be stripping? would they go insane if they went to Mombasa coast or even new york city and saw Rihanna in her full armor? It is a shame that sometimes you have to explain to other decent, evolved humans that you share a country with such fellows

While we encourage women to dress nicely, we do not recommend any way, by dressing nicely, it is implied dressing in a way that makes you feel nice and not uncomfortable. Personally I am a lover of the outfit known us a miniskirt especially when it adorns the body of a female whose thighs are cavercious and sexually infectious. If your libido is gone and has been destroyed by overindulgence in cheap liquor, leave those with healthy libido alone and let them enjoy God most pure work of art.

To women, keep up your superior sense of fashion without fear for as Emerson said:

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.

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Uhuru Kenyatta To Step Down As Kenya’s President…. For A While.



President Uhuru Kenyatta has pulled off another magical political move by stating that he will will step down as kenya’s president while his ICC case status conference proceed. This means that technically ICC will have to wait a while before a sitting president can stand trial.

During that time, deputy president William Ruto will be the acting president. Ruto has achieved what Others have only dreamed of.

In a televised address , the president said that he wished to be on trial as a private citizen and not as the president.

“It is for this reason that I chose not to put the sovereignty of more than 40 million Kenyans on trial since their democratic will should never be subject to another jurisdiction,”

“Therefore let it not be said that I am attending the status conference as the president of Kenya,” he added. “Nothing in my position or my deeds as president warrants my being in court.”

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