How To Make Pilau

So there you are, your girlfriend or boyfriend is visiting, what better way to show off than to make them a delicious meal to eat as you contemplate upcoming temptation and entertainment and what is more delicious than pilau. You do not know how to make pilau? Do not worry you are in for a treat for here is how you make pilau. Simple. Oh, and in case you want to work online, just click here

Ingredients (for two servings, assuming you will be really hungry)

Quarter kilogram of goat, mutton or beef

One garlic cloves

but it can look better

but it can look better


2 cardamom pods

1 tbsp vegetable oil

1 onion, chopped

1 cups rice

2 whole black peppercorns

2 whole cloves

2 cinnamon sticks

A pinch of ground ginger (about a quarter of teaspoon)

¼ cup cumin seed powder

1 small tomatoes
2 cups water

• Boil the meat in salted water for a few minutes or until tender.
• Crush the garlic and cardamom together with 2tbsp water using a mortar and pestle.
• Fry the onion until it is golden brown.
• Add the rice, meat, garlic and cardamom mixture, peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon, ginger and cumin seed powder.
• Cook covered over medium heat until all are nicely brown, about 10 minutes.
• Add the tomatoes.
• Cook and stir until the tomatoes are thoroughly cooked down to the consistency of a sauce.
• Add the 2 cups water to the rice mixture, bring to a boil and then cook over very low heat, (while covered) for another 15-20 minutes, until all water is absorbed and the rice is cooked through.
• Serve with fruits and kachumbari

I hope everything was clear and if that does not impress your date, dump them at once because they will never be impressed. Do not forget to leave your comment. What would you love to learn to cook? let us know and also give us your favorite recipe


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  1. luvu3???? says:

    this is a sweet one

  2. lilian says:

    how to decorate cakes n making humburger

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    its sweet

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  5. sonnie millie says:

    it was a good one. Now i would like to learn how to make a nice fried chicken.

  6. Tinah says:

    Wow……the pilau is just delicious,ma hubby n whole family just luvd it!Thanx and make many more diff. types of making rice pliz.

  7. rosy says:

    great, am gonna try it today. then that part of “dumbing” him if he doesn’t like it is very funny. anyway thanks

  8. Wanjiru nesh says:

    Wooow my clients loved it. Make more different types of rice

  9. Ruth Njogu says:

    Tried cooking pilau thru this method n it was wow, thanks n kip up the gud work

  10. Kevinnah Loyatum says:

    Great site am able to cook pilau by myself

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    Thanks am going to try it now

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    wanna try dis method

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    waaaw! me love ths pilau

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    Gonna try this

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    It seems a workable recipe n will try it out n give feedback

  18. mary says:

    As delicious as… hubby lovd it n my family…kindly request for more recipies via email pls

  19. Daniel says:

    Good recipe! I will try it.

    PS Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

  20. mourine cheptai says:

    wow..,i loved it,am gonna try it today

  21. lydiah says:

    so greatful for the outcome i have with me after following your procedure.Thank you

  22. Aysher says:

    wish to acquire more recipes like on how to bake a cake, fry chicken etc

  23. williamalinaitwe says:

    interestinggona try it

  24. Evans Odwory says:

    Is among the best methods of preparing pilau,i totally love it and may the inventor keep it up!

  25. Evans Odwory says:

    In really sense,am very much impressed with this method the4 thanks much whoever came up with it.

  26. mike says:

    I like this.

  27. Esther Hadasa says:

    Pilau very delicious meal

  28. Esther Hadasa says:

    My husband loves Pilau

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  30. mariana charles says:

    wauw…….I loved it
    so delicious

  31. winny says:

    its great …a delicious meal .Evry1 liked more dishes plz…

  32. Beth Wanjiru says:

    Am already salivating,wl sure try it

  33. celine says:

    i must try this 2night

  34. Mary says:

    I have tried it n make a wow meal for my husband thanx u so very much

  35. millicent mwangi says:

    what a recipe,thanks alot 4 your help

  36. alungwa says:

    i love the recipe

  37. maureen mwangi says:

    dats was awsome……i would like to learn how to prepare rice and beef pliz ….i want to make a surprice to my boyfreind..

  38. Anita says:

    Wooow! This med my hubby lv me even more. Plz help me knw hw to mek the best wet fry chicken.

  39. i lov hw u bring out your procedure perfect

  40. deryque says:

    nice stuff .i dumped though!..yack! she said ….not ready to mess again, need one who can cook instead.

  41. Grace says:

    Wow i luv it n av jst tried n it has turned out jst th way i luv it. Thanx alot

  42. Victor kyalo says:

    It’s a fantastic recipe

  43. loved please notify me how to make fried chicken

  44. john says:

    i have followed all the steps. am gonna give it a try otherwise i would like to know how i can make good chapati using eggs and milk in kneading

  45. lydianyamoita says:

    since have gone through this am going to cook the pilau today for my swt hubby hoping it will be delicious and suit his birthday

  46. Maggy says:

    A’ve known how to cook pilau through ur web.kindly,advice me on how to cook chapati’s.Thanxs

  47. karen nkatha says:

    pilau is the best

  48. It worked out thanks alot….
    show me how 2make pizza or lasagna….

  49. reinford says:

    That’s split personality Cox u committed a sin…. hy buddy ur cousin regrets 4that moment. I hope u added something in the recipe. that resulted to $e*.

  50. Maxwell kiptoon says:

    so cool recip of pilau sweet.

  51. Am going to try this today… Never seen a precise n clear pilau recipe like this one. Already salivating just by the imagination of how it’s gonna turn out. Thank you

  52. Jeanty says:

    Whot a wondaful day my d.a cooking pilau is my best. thanx for the secret.

  53. eunice mmboga says:

    i like this delious meal

  54. Daisy says:

    wount the rice burn if i cover the mixture for 10min

  55. Daisy Maling'a says:

    Thanks so much for the recipe.Having my friends over for a farewell diner and i was wondering how the rice wouldnt burn when covered with the other spices for 10min without any water

  56. marycate says:

    woow am greatful am a house help n i waz told 2 prepare it n i didnt ave the procedure 2 make pilau bt nathin 2 panic abt i kan nao cook by myself

  57. Imma muli says:

    It was nice my friends liked it

  58. Faith says:

    Wow thats an awesome recipe. I used it to prepare dinner for my hubby and i. Trust me it was so sweet

  59. jayden sprague says:

    Gotgot it…but. i cannot dump her ..haha .the pilau waz fab

  60. Ann says:

    I didnt know tz dat easy …thank you

  61. Thuku Muthui says:

    Doing it this christmas

  62. Victor Musoka says:

    I would like to know how to prepare pizza

  63. faith says:


  64. mollen says:

    Nice one gonna try it my hubby like it but i dnt knw how to Cook

  65. becky says:

    am gonna try it out today to cook for my fiancee cz he is coming today

  66. Beatrice says:

    Hi I would like to know what else I can use if not all those spices can I use royco beef cubes with pilau nasaka

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