Mungiki Letter To Kenya Chief Justice Dr.Willy Mutunga

The judge with the earring went public on Wednesday, 20th Feb 2013 to declare to the media that he had been send a threatening letter allegedly from the dreaded mungiki sectwarning him of dire cosequences should he or any of the other judges making any unfavourable ruling concerning uhuru and ruto’s case. Did the letter really come from Mungiki?the letter


About The Life Teacher

We all need a father to point out the way, a mother to hold on to and to explain this and that, a loving brother to hep us beat that bully at his game, a sister to share our fantasy with and to be warm with in those days and hours when we really need that. We need someone to assure us that life has a purpose and great meaning and that it is not all a meaningless swimming in an ocean of ugly creatures. we need a guiding hand, we need a spiritual guide and a guardian angel, we all need The Life Teacher.
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