Racism Is Very High In Kenya And Africa

we too will one day rise

we too will one day rise

In the western world, or in some western country if you call a black man a Negro, you might get jailed or at least very ostracised by the rest of the society so that it is just not worthy it being racist. Look at Liverpool striker Luis Suarez. In Kenya or in Africa, racism is at an all time high point. It is so bad, that it has been taken for granted by the local, people now see racism as something that should be. Racism has been accepted in Africa. How has this been achieved in the modern world where everyone, especially on television, seems to be fighting it?

The sprawling poverty in Africa

This is our beautiful home

This is our beautiful home

Poverty takes away any dignity that any human has and some evil white people know this and those who are unable to cure their racist behaviour have come to settle in Africa as tourists (of cause not all tourist are racist, some are nice fellows who only want to see lions in this country called Africa). Poor Africans can not help but worship the whites because the whites have money and the racist whites have taken advantage of this situation and are being blatantly racist. A good instance is the sexual exploitation that is happening at the Kenyan coast, old women, as old as 80 years old are raping young men, as young as 15. They call it love. Seriously, how can a fifteen years old boy fall in love with an eighty years old granny whose skin is hanging on to the bone like windows curtains? This is rape. If you are having sex with someone because they have money, because they have power for money is power, you are getting raped, it is your poverty driving you to do that disgusting act. They come with all manner of diseases and they do not butt an eyelid as they have unprotected sex with these minors. Why do they do that? Because they feel they are dealing with a lesser version of a human, they do not feel shame just as you do not feel shame when killing a chicken for its meat or while riding on the back of a horse or Carmel.

Recently, a white man was arrested for allegedly forcing girls at the coast to have sex with dogs, Of cause he was not forcing the girls to do that per se, he was paying them because he could afford it and they could stoop so low. Recently, the British government agree to pay compensation to the mau mau guys who sued for abuse and the amount they agreed to pay, about $4000 to people who lost limbs, land and relatives which further affirm the notion that Africans are considered less human by the white people.

And then there is superiority and inferiority complex

“May I ride too?”
“yeah, if you don’t want the dollars”

This is a true story. I was once in a hotel and I was struggling to get the attention of the waiter and the waitresses and then a white couple came into the hotel and it was just shocking how the waitresses were falling over each others to serve the two.

“how old did you say you are?”
“I will soon be thirteen, but I look eighteen don’t I?”

This is so strong that when a black person is in the presence of white people, as either their guide or servant or spouse, the black person automatically feel superior to other black people, it is as if the fact that a white person is talking to them is an affirmation of this black person superiority to his other black brethren. But the black fellows at the coast do not feel this because they know they are merely being used as sex tools. They instead feel pathetic and turn to drug use and are not concerned about practising safe sex since their lives have lost meaning and value. Sexual exploitation can do that to you.

The toothless African Government

I sure do hope they do not overthrow me, I wish my countrymen understand that I am a mere puppet

I sure do hope they do not overthrow me, I wish my countrymen understand that I am a mere puppet

When Africans or black people see how their leaders act subserviently toward the white people, it drains down to everyone, they feel automatically that they are interacting with a superior race. Africans only wait for the talent and guile of one of their own to be recognized and applauded by the whites before they can follow suits. Look at football and notice that the captains of all the teams are those individuals prying their trade in the western world. The same goes for literature where we have the like of Wole Soyinka, Ngugi Wa Thiong’o or the late Chinua Achebe being considered literature power house simple because they were recognized by the whites. This is in spite of the fact that they may not be the best or the most talented. For instance, Ngugi wa Thiongo may be a darling of the west but in kenya, the person whose stories are known by all is John Kiriamiti and his prison memoirs and Grace Ogot and his tekayo story. Kenyans know that Ngugi wa Thiongo is not the writer that fully represent them and I am sure the Nigerian in the street might disagree that Chinua Achebe is the writer who have touched them the most. I have read several books by Ngugi wa Thiong’o such as the river between, grain of wheat and devil on the cross but it did not touch and lift me as much as tekayo or Mwangi Gicheru’s popular book across the bridge nor did I find Chinua Achebe being as deep as Wole Soyinka or that guy who wrote that story Africa kill her sun. But, the white people spoke nicely about these people whom they possibly picked at random and Africans had to follow suit because Africans have no weighty say in such matter.

The book https://www.amazon.com/Happy-Poems-Rafiles-M-Dauthasi/dp/1520526733/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= capture the racism elements beautifully.

The slow but sure return on television and music of racism.

The modern technology

The modern technology

Have you noticed that racism has returned to television as jokes and comic relief. Those doing these are riding on the assumption that those who suffered most at this evil are either dead or not much into the modern thing because a person who suffered at the hand of racism, a person who was barred from voting due to the color of his skin can not find anything funny in racist joke. Dave Chappelle discontinued his Chappell show on account that it was no longer about jokes but pure racism. Family guy is raced with racism for instance and although it is done with a light touch and only meant as comic relief, the fact that it has reached to a point where racism is a mere joke show how far and deep racism is entrenched in the mind of the world population and it is not different in Kenya and most of Africa. It is only worse in Africa. The book


About The Life Teacher

We all need a father to point out the way, a mother to hold on to and to explain this and that, a loving brother to hep us beat that bully at his game, a sister to share our fantasy with and to be warm with in those days and hours when we really need that. We need someone to assure us that life has a purpose and great meaning and that it is not all a meaningless swimming in an ocean of ugly creatures. we need a guiding hand, we need a spiritual guide and a guardian angel, we all need The Life Teacher.
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46 Responses to Racism Is Very High In Kenya And Africa

  1. zupars says:

    Interesting article.

  2. Raegus says:

    The only correction I would make is that racism is very rife in the western world, just that these days white people are racist only with their actions and not so much their words.

  3. But the Incurably racist from the west come to Africa where they know they can get away with racism

  4. Yolz says:

    This is what we want people to talk about

  5. David K Methu says:

    We’ve a certain casino in Westlands where the Romanian GM makes you curse the colour of your skin! She fires and hires depending on her your colour skin and she lets you know that you can’t take her anywhere as her employer is a politician of Asian decent.

    • what is his name we expose him and do you have some evidence of those he has fired because we can hound hem out of Kenya.

      • Doctor Menguele says:

        If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough…. There is no racism in this world; it is just the conception of the human being… A Kenyan Traffic Police who daily took bribes from White /Asian without any shame is not a racist indeed, he is just trying to make a living…

      • There is no racism? tell that to a south african or david methu

  6. David K Methu says:

    It’s apparent that the NCIC is toothless when it comes to ‘loaded’ perpetrators of racism. Ms Alina, a GM in one of the casinos in Westlands is an open racist and she knows she’s protected as her boss is an politician!!! What a shame….

  7. Taharka says:

    I am a Black man from England and I have seen first-hand how the white elites like the BBC subtly undermine black self-confidence for example they teach in schools that Wilberforce almost singlehandedly stopped the slave trade. That Africans sold Africans to white people this is the only dialogue that is allowed to black children; particularly from the Caribbean don’t feel a positive connection to Africa only negative. They don’t talk about the Africans who fought both white slavers and their black helpers to stop the slave trade or the forts built in places like Northern Ghana or Mali that were there to defend Africans from slavers. Attacks were launched from these places on slavers dragging Africans from Africa’s interior to the coast.

    I have lived in Ethiopia, the whites there can’t talk to the Ethiopians any way they please however, when I visited Kenya the blatant racism I witnessed from the whites was a real shock.
    Also the lack of racial pride in Kenyans and almost worshipping attitudes towards some real low life whites particularly from Kenyan females was also a real shock. Racism is white people’s problem not Africans I am now living in Ghana and the white people here banging on about gay rights while being quiet on racism makes me want to vomit and excellent article.

    • Well put Taharka, very well put, and you are spot on on noticing that in Ethiopia racism is unheard of, the Ethiopians possibly have the highest sense of pride esteem in africa, remember, they were never colonized and thus never learnt to worship the white people like most african who are just learning not to worship these fellows

    • Kay says:

      A cultural Marxist analysis of Kenya.

  8. WAGAKIRA says:

    This is a very god article.I am in a college where students fall over themselves to please white classmates,especially the girls!Surely such behaviour has to stop…Not to mention how everyone was dying to help after westgate…simply because majority of shoppers are white or Indian,yet turn a deaf ear when people in Turkana are starving.

  9. eli says:

    why is this happening in kenya

  10. You're not a teacher says:

    Do you have any idea how racist this post actually is? It’s akin to the same racial fear mongering spouted by the likes of the KKK in the US. There is no doubt that racism exists in Kenya, but it is not a one way street. Your own racist words prove you are no better than those whose actions you condemn.

    The quality of your writing and the continuity of your argument is remarkably poor. You’re not a life teacher. You’re an uneducated (or at best poorly educated), racist cunt who has done nothing to further a dialogue that would lead to more understanding and peace between races. Your hateful words only further the division you seek to draw attention to.

    • did you read this line? “Poverty takes away any dignity that any human has and some evil white people know this and those who are unable to cure their racist behaviour have come to settle in Africa as tourists (of cause not all tourist are racist, some are nice fellows who only want to see lions in this country called Africa).” notice the word some, notice the words in blackets?

  11. Anonymous says:

    The “white people” or those racists you claim to exist are a minority in the Western World. The U.S. has been the most obvious offender of the Black race and is paying the consequences of its actions even today.

    When Obama was elected it put an OFFICIAL end to the argument that “White People” are racist. Their are some white racist but they no longer exist in ANY majority.

    The white generations that abused Black People are either so old they are irrelevant or dead.

    To keep bringing up White People as being racist is in of its self racist.

    The Jews were almost wiped off the face of the Earth and do you see them calling all White Germans hate filled racist/bigots?

    People make mistakes, races make mistakes and generations make mistakes.

    I am a firm believer of remembering the past in a way of preventing such actions in the future.

    In order to do so one must first evaluate the actions of our own People, communities and religions before making general racist accusations.

    In the US their are people who feel so bad about being White and the horrible things White people have done, that they have set up clubs for them to talk about how bad they feel.

    These people where not involved in any racist/bigoted actions and in most cased neither were their parents or grandparents, yet they still feel guilty.

    I am not writing this to dispute your personal experiences, I am writing this to show you that your experiences being generalized in the way that they are, are in of them self racist.

    I believe in my heart that Africa in the next 100 years will be the next world power. Africa has the people, raw materials… to advance to or even surpass the economies of the Western World.

    For centuries the West and now the East has exploited Africa for its wealth. Africa is turning a page from its abusing history with the West to a more prosperous one.

    If at the end of the day Africa and Africans can not move on from the overwhelming racism is has and in some cases is still going though it is putting its future at risk.

    I apologize if any grammar or punctuation is incorrect.



  12. rlijah velazquez says:

    why is this not a concern to the kenyan people there are more of them then anybody and yet they still wait for better treatment why

  13. Anon says:

    Kenyans are outwardly humble and friendly people by disposition, especially toward people perceived as strangers. This includes people from other African countries. Nobody refers to us as having low self esteem for watching Nigerian movies, listening to Tanzanian and Congolese music or ordering Indian or Chinese. This humility should not be confused with true worship, especially when the subject of the adoration happens to come from economies tipped to benefit from ours through trade policies of the so called first world and currency standards. As for the usury of Kenyans in sex trade/tourism, it is a matter of morality, and some of the poor foreign men and women end up falling victim to fraud, con games and many get dumped when the money runs out.

  14. Anon says:

    Also, the reason why our political leaders act so subservient toward our former colonial masters is that our independence is a sham. The Kenyan stocks market is British dominated. So are the Kenyan blue chip, high employee and GDP contributers. Europe/US is our debtor and market and we would be risking a Zimbabwe kind of backlash if we diregarded their policies. It is not a coincidence that only a British oil company just happens to be striking all the best spots for oil. Its for this reason that our President on swearing in spoke about the struggle for independence not being over. So called Francophone Africa is worse. They are forced to deposit their countries reserve with france, give away oil and other minerals to french companies and have been losing any president who challenges France. Ivory Coast, Mali, Chad, to name a few. Lets hope our jubilee sees the end of this.

  15. Anon says:

    Actually, Life Teacher, it is because we are brainwashed from a young age. We are taught how the western powers saved us from backwardness, saved the world and gave us the UN, which is just another platform that our colonizers are using to maintain grip of our governments and resources. Lets also not forget the power of western controlled media where ogres and the ugly are given African features-with our front tooth beauty gap and all slaves are black. Why do our kids play with white dolls? American movies are also subliminal campaigners of the White savior of the world, the superiority of their culture, governwent, science, military and beliefs. Their citizens believe these. I recently heard an American missionery in South America comment how the locals kids were fascinated by the thought of an American in their world. I have read similar assumptions on sites belonging to caucasian expatriates in Kenya. It is the result of soft but effective power of subliminal brainwashing, on both sides.

  16. Sierra says:

    If I’d know a country that is not racist, it would be Kenya, Kenyans are very loving people and treat the guests from all around the world with much respect, we do not judge over skin colour. And not all of Kenya is full of poverty, why show a picture where the ghettos live, while it has a much urbanised feature in the city life, with the beautiful houses. I am much offended, but who ever wrote this was clearly out of their mind, might I say. YOUR SPELLING MISTAKES ARE HUMONGOUS AS YOUR LIES.
    Reading this made me butthurt for you need to check those spellings. This is very untrue to those willing to see our country. We are a friendly and a welcoming people.

    • racism is also characterized by inferiority complex such as thinking you must talk like those of the race you think are higher than your

    • snowmoon says:

      I agree with Sierra,
      Kenyan’s have been incredibly welcoming to me as a western person.. I would never wish anyone to treat me differently, nor should this be allowed to happen, or would I allow it either. We are far from superior and in fact if you read your scientific research you may know we all derive from the Rift Valley!. I love Kenya, it’s people, they’re acceptance of me whatever colour I am..

      • An advert in the leading daily in Kenya, daily nation caused a furor due to its racist language. It wanted sale executives, no experience needed for them, all they had to be was indians. it also wanted store keeper, they should be kenyans with a degree and a year exprience

      • It is not kenyans who are racist, it is the foreigners like asians and foreign tourists who are racist, ok.

  17. edison says:

    Kenyan should be proud of themself like nigerians.You dont have to worship the whites.Nigerians dont give a damn.

  18. Alena says:

    Racism is by far not true of many many white people. I know what I speak of because I am white and I see the cultural changes among the youth of the USA. They do not have the same bigoted ideas and lifestyle of our forefathers. But let us look at Abraham Lincoln. Many years ago he stood very publicly against slavery, which caused the civil war in the USA. So let us not generalize and spread untruths about this subject of white and racism. It simply isn’t true. I have adopted an orphan from Kenya, who I love as my own daughter. I chose her. It wasn’t because I felt sorry for her. I loved her. I was appointed by God to love her as my own daughter and pour healing into her life.. So racism has moved forward in the West and greatly so. It’s just a shame that it goes on at this level in African countries. I’m aware of it and denounce it. It’s a great sin against the God of Heaven and His creation. But do not spread that racism is prevalent with all white people, in African countries or outside it. Huge change has come in western countries. Hopefully more change will come. But the USA has made huge strides in this area and there are millions of whites here who have no racism in them whatsoever. Those who truly walk with God will not live in racism. So let us not generalize and say all of those in western countries are racist. It simply isn’t true and those of us who love all people cringe to hear what goes on in African countries in this regard. It’s horrible. So know that many whites stand with you for what is right regarding who you are and your right to the dignity God has given you. Stand for it and stand against wrong. Speak against it publicly. It has taken time for your countries to advance in this area but it has happened greatly in the USA and it can happen for everyone. Just because some here at insensitive or racist against other people, doesn’t mean we all are. Not by a long shot.

  19. winfred says:

    That photo is of one of the Slums in Nairobi. Do us justice and post a photo of the central region and the city. And don’t paint us that poorly. Not all of Kenyans go out with the old whites. It’s not even two percent of women in Kenya. I would keep ranting but then it won’t make much difference. The author here is racist

  20. John Juma says:

    Go to Watamu, You will know the meaning of Racsim. Thats where they went to hide after 1963.

    • ruth says:

      no one has a choice to be black or white. am a kenyan and i believe that change begins with an individual. kenya is rich but we wait for foreigners to help us discover how rich we are by taking largest share to their homes and we are left eating what is left. i think it time we start discovering what we have and appreciate the fact that we are Africans and God created us that way. being aggressive and avoiding dependancy. when kenya 1964 got independence it meant we are free not only politicaly but also in all aspect so we should focus on discovering
      what kenya has but not looking at how foreigners can do it for us.

      • Well said Ruth. Start by educating and impressing such points on your neighbors, work mates and most importantly the children for they will form the next generations.

  21. flar says:

    white people assume that we are just friendly but its just low self esteem. you should change the title to “inferiority complex” instead of “racism”. i have been one of those people. you see a white or any other race & you immediately feel inferior. dont pretend you havent if you’re reading this. i’ll change for sure.

  22. Alex says:

    Excellent article! Travelling is becoming much more common and I’m so glad someone made an article on the number of racist tourists visiting other nations. Most people think someone open minded enough to travel to different countries would have progressive views but that’s not always the case. I’m an American that traveled across Africa, India and Southeast Asia. I was travelling along with a lot of tourists from developed nations and their attitude towards the locals was horrendous.

    When I was in India I found out a group of middle aged american men were planning to check out the brothels…of underage girls, they knew it’s illegal but sick people just want to exploit others at every chance they get. Apparently it was a poor region in the city that attracted a lot of ” male tourists” from developed nations. Also I found out they were headed to THAILAND after they finish India. Insane!!! Throughout Africa it got worse, most of the tourists I met carried some kind of racist or negative attitude and just wanted to use the locals in every possible way. There are genuine and wonderful tourists but a lot aren’t. People need to really keep an eye out when travelling, you might come across a psychopath. I also urge to help someone if they are being abused by a wealthier tourist. We constantly mention the safety for tourists but we should look the other way too. Also it’s interesting how the media always feels the need to paint places like India, Kenya, Southeastern Asia in a negative light for having crime and issues but a lot of times it’s the tourists that are creating the crime and adding onto it. Of course no one would ever talk about that in the media. It’s sad that we live in a racist world like this.

  23. Songi says:

    Yes, many white people are racist and disrespectful in Africa; same goes to black people, but there are many kind and loving whites; similarly to blacks. Your views, I find them racist too. The above pictures of whites wearing African clothes are beautiful. These young, loving and respectful white kids are trying their best to show us(black people) love; they’re trying to integrate with our people and learn our culture( images, as they say, tell a thousand of words); yet you are judging them(you display racism instead). Had they bothered not to learn our culture, you’d still judge them. Will you not ?
    These black young men/women you’re talking about who are dating old moneyed white women/men, can you prove that they are not the ones who are using these old moneyed whites for their money? There are many racist black Africans who wish us(South Africans) to expel white South Africans so that we can take more black African immigrants – I find this a joke. And racist too. Have they forgotten that these white South Africans are South Africans, and they(black racist Africans immigrants) are not? White South Africans come first in SA, and they( these black alliens) come last. SA strives for zero tolerant for racism – try to break this rainbownation, you’ll see! Same goes to white racists from the US and Europe seeking immigration to SA. To all non-racist whites and blacks, please do not lose hope – let’s continue fighting racism in Africa.

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