Replacing K.C.S.E/ K.C.P.E Certificates Download Replacement Application Form

If you have lost your certificates, you can have them replaced by knec if it was the examining body by doing what this form show. you can also download it here A s you will see, replacing lost certificates in Kenya is not an easy thing and you need money and police things to do it, so take good care of your certificates or get fake ones, whichever is cheaper. Also, while at it, earn some online money here

REF: KNEC/CONF/RS/ARC/RC/08/001 DATE ______________________
1.1 Name of Applicant __________________________________________________________
1.2 Full Index No: ______________________________________________________________
1.3 School/College/Examination Centre ____________________________________________
1.4 Name of Examination _____________________________Year_______________________
1.5 Series (March/July/November/December) Tick one
1.6 National ID/Birth Certificate/Passport Number ____________________________________
1.7 Applicant’s Address in Full ___________________________________________________
__________________________Tel No/Mobile No. _______________________________
Fax No. ____________________________ E-mail ________________________________
1.8 Signature of Applicant _______________________________________________________
2.0 DOCUMENTS TO ATTACH:- (Tick YES if attached or NO if not)
2.1 Copy of the certificate(s) or results slip(s); Yes [ ] No [ ]
2.2 Letter of recommendation from head teacher of school attended or from PDE/DEO for private
candidates and for candidates whose schools have closed down; Yes [ ] No [ ]
2.3 Sworn legal affidavit on identity of applicant; Yes [ ] No [ ]
2.4 Letter of recommendation from employer where applicable; Yes [ ] No [ ]
2.5 Police Abstract indicating loss of certificate(s); Yes [ ] No [ ]
2.6 Knec Bank Deposit slip(Original); Yes [ ] No [ ]
2.7 Copy of National Identity Card (ID) Yes [ ] No [ ]
3.1 The fees required for Replacement Certificate is Ksh 5,000.00 per certificate
3.2 Fees are payable at the KNEC collection accounts at the following banks:
i) Equity Bank iii) National Bank of Kenya
ii) Co-Operative Bank of Kenya iv) Kenya Commercial Bank
KNEC pay-in slips are available in these banks
4.1 a) Application Accepted/Rejected
b) Reason ____________________________________________________________
4.2 Name of KNEC Officer Processing Application ____________________________________
Designation _______________________ Signature ________________ Date ___________
4.3 Application Approved/Not Approved by Council Secretary/Chief Executive Officer
Signature ________________________________ Date ____________________________
Approved for use by CS/CEO: __________________________________Sign:__________________ Date: ______________


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We all need a father to point out the way, a mother to hold on to and to explain this and that, a loving brother to hep us beat that bully at his game, a sister to share our fantasy with and to be warm with in those days and hours when we really need that. We need someone to assure us that life has a purpose and great meaning and that it is not all a meaningless swimming in an ocean of ugly creatures. we need a guiding hand, we need a spiritual guide and a guardian angel, we all need The Life Teacher.
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126 Responses to Replacing K.C.S.E/ K.C.P.E Certificates Download Replacement Application Form

  1. it is realy nce to b replacing coz those documents get even lost thro unavoidable and uncontrolable evens e.g fire. Thanks. I wil folow mine as stated and hope i wl get it. I lost it in 2003.

  2. Abby Mmari says:

    Now I am a Tanzanian student who did the KCSE papers in 2007. I have a copy of the results slips which I validated over here in Tanzania. Now should I get a police abstract from here also or can I just attach the result slip copy and the knec fee payment. And if I send the form when can I expect to get the certificate back!

  3. Anthony Wamalwa says:

    its the best way to save innocent Kenyans from getting fake documents from people out to make a quick kill. thanks to KNEC

  4. How long does it take once i apply for certificate replacement

    • makuli kiema says:

      i lost my kcpe cert ad i want to apply fo long wil it take cox am waitg fo tsc interviews on august?ma no.0718299131

  5. esther says:

    hi how can i get my lost kcse result slip?

  6. Korir kenneth says:

    Isend for my replacement of pry cert on 6 may hv u received?ma id no is no 0728347420

  7. Mireharachael says:

    TheI lost my pri cert.i did my cpe in 1982 n i hav de sch code bt i cnt remember the details.wat do i do?the sch has no record

  8. Cheruiyot kirui peter says:

    I send for my kcpe replacement certificate on june 24/14 with all the requirements,my question, is it posible to be given within three or four weeks because ineed to register with Tsc before stipulated time August 11/.14 thank u kindly no 20818529, phone no.0724462011

    • kamal says:

      hi am kamal Iwant to. apply kenya certerfcet secondary school so plz how can i get those document if u knw when can i get contact me thet no 0722429988

  9. peter kiragu says:

    can i collect my result slip and living certificate frm the head offices since am far from my former school….

  10. GEORGE MWANGI says:

    My son sat for KCSE in the 2011 in Gaki sec. Sch. in Nyeri the certificates were said to have error and they were returned to you now why have they taken soo long to make the crrection ? We are now in August 2014

  11. isaac maraka says:

    First i sent my congratulation to the knec for agree to replacing certificates, because we have that problem many kenyans, the certificate can lost through criminals, fire, flood, and many many others things thanks very much.

  12. Mumbi Rachael says:

    I lost my certificates both KCSE and KCPE n unfortunately i dont av any copy…..but i remember my index numbers n school codes is it possible to get the original without copies?

    • yes. Just do as explained here and be ready to pay the replacement fee.

      • Hussein Mohamed says:

        I had the same problem I lost my original certificate and I don’t have any photocopy in one of them but I remember my index number! when I visited knec office to replace it I have been told I must have copies! how can you assist me pliz thank you

  13. dennis m w says:

    how do i know that this is a fake certificate?

    • Dennis, unless you are an employer or a college head, why would you doubt your certificate unless it says you had an E and you know you are an A student. One easy way of veryfying the authenticity of a certificate is visiting the issuing school or calling them.

  14. samuel otieno says:

    my cert was returned in 2011 due to lack of passport appearing on the cert an upto date no promising signs of getting sooner

  15. Sharon mmbone says:

    Is it amust i go for reccomendation letter from school.i have copies and result slips.

  16. I lost my certificates on 13/03/ 2013 while traveling in a Nairobi Mombasa bus…..starways…between Mtito and Kilifi .May someone has them somewhere…call..+254721475099…JOSEPH MUTINDI KINYUA.

  17. joseph masete says:

    How long does take to process certificates,i did my kcse 2013 when should i expect my certificate.?

  18. harrison njega says:

    my kcpe and kcse certificates have the same name but my i d and birth certicates have another name,so plz can i change the names in the certificates? and wich procedure do i follow?

  19. Leonard Onyinkwa says:

    I, on behalf of my son Michael, l applied for a correction of a mispelled name in his certificate. Is it ready & how do we collect it? Thank you sir.

  20. ann says:


  21. ann says:

    my kcpe certificates has different names from my id. the names on my id have my dad’s baptism name but that on certificate has his surname. what should id? i applied for the certificate replacement bu was not possible because of the names

  22. ann says:

    replacement of certificate

  23. phylis kitsao says:

    am phyillis gitsao-i would like 2 confirm if my certificate is ready my index no.102216016-i did my kcpe in 2003

  24. penninah muraguri says:

    thanks Knec,but can you replace a 2012 lost certificate?

  25. I lost my KCPE certificate,but I took all the requested documents to the KNEC attached with payslip from National Bank Molo branch where I diposited fee.I want to register for KCSE 2015.Can I use my birth certificate attached together with those ligal & certified documents?, pliz kindly assist

  26. daniel mwangi says:

    How soon are the certificates ready since i lost my 2013 result slip and till now i had not joined university because i had no any supporting document that i did the paper;

  27. I have even paid this amount fee through National Bank branch Molo branch.Now I want to register for kcse 2015.Since I have send you all my details,why cant you depost my replacing certificate to my nearest post office or even through my google email

  28. christopher kuiya says:

    Hi friend? am from Isiolo..I did my kcse in 2010..I lost my kcse n kcpe certs..Bt I hav the copies,is there nid to go for a recommendation frm my former sec sch n the abract from the police?


    please confirm to me if this certificate is genuine; REF: KCSE/13/005/021/034

  30. Lawrence says:

    I lost my ECDE DIP cert of 2011 am i able to replace it.

  31. Linet Khabokanga says:

    I sent my documents for replacing my lost certificate bit hasn’t got any communication so far its one month down the line now please let me know if there is a problem somewhere

  32. cindy says:

    i lost my KCSE results slip. i’ve read the procedure for application. is it mandatory to have recomendation from the school?

  33. faith nzivo says:

    Hi,i have read in the article that knec is currently replacing certificates from 1981 to 2010,,my kcse certificate year 2013 got lost so how long should i wait before starting this application because i require it soon.

  34. Not reply but a question,how long does certificates takes to be released after the results are out.I did my K.C.S. In the year 2013 and upto date I have not got my original certificate.kindly reply.

  35. michael mutinda mwanzi says:

    2011 kcse cerificates are not available at our can I get them?

  36. patrick says:

    am patrick i lost my both ecde certificate and a result slip,i don’t have any it possible to replace them and the college was closed?

  37. Nickson Muli says:

    Please i have lost my KNEC; (KCPE) primary and Secondary (KCSE) acadermic certificate.
    How can i recover them imediate because Im in need of them.
    Regards of Nickson Mumo Muli
    ID NO. 29514711
    Tel 65 -0024
    Life Star College Athiriver
    Contact +254724906833
    or +25470657844

  38. moses lochich says:

    I did kcse in 2002 at st Kevin secondary school and I lost the certificate and I don’t remember my index number kindly help thank u

  39. thankz knec for assisting us keep it up

  40. Daniel muinde says:

    I did kcse 2007..I lost my original certificate in 2010 BT I av a photocopy of the I need to apply for another?

  41. Alfred says:

    I have a torn certificate can i take to knec for replacement.

  42. Elijah says:

    My docs got burnt up in my former school before i picked them ,i did my exams in 2009 how can u assist me in retrieving am really missing many opportunities for lack of docs ,tell me are 2009 certs replaceble

  43. Antony says:

    Lost Kcse Cert

  44. valary says:

    is KCPE certificate a mandatory for joining any university coz I misplaced mine, I did my KCSE 2015 and will be joining September… must I av the primary cert..kindly advice and thanx in advance

  45. Ezrah Kirwa says:

    My wife did all what’s required to replace a lost cert. She was yesterday called and told a copy of the lost class 8 cert be provided and she do not have.
    How do u help in such a situation. I’ ll appreciate very much if assistance is given.

  46. veronicah says:

    I did my kcse in 2011 but on release of certs they had an error n they were taken back for collection in time but knec requires every student to pay
    y5000 to get the cert for collection. ..plz how can you help us cause its not our mistake that certs had errors. ..your reply wil b highly appreciated

  47. Joseh says:

    I have a close friend whose form four certificate appeared with a different photo,how can it be changed and how much is paid for such case

  48. I lost both my kcpe result slip and certficate, what do I do? do I pay 10k?

  49. Mohamed says:

    Hi Knec, kindly assist me with account number. how long will it take for replacement since i need it urgently. Thanks in advance

  50. Hussein Mohamed says:

    I lost my KCSE original certificate and result slip I don’t have any photocopy in one of them but I remember my index number! when I visited knec office to replace it I have been told I must have copies! how can you assist me pliz thank you


    i dont av a copy of my lost KCPE cert and i want to be employed by TSC,.how can i replace it if i dont av a copy???…help me plz.?

  52. James mwaura says:

    i did my kcse in 2014. When can I collect my certificate

  53. I lost my kcpe cert, n the names in the cert differ from my kcse cert . is it possible for me to change the name in my kcpe certificate so as to lopok the same as kcse? pliz help am confused

  54. kyalo eunice mwongeli says:

    Hi knec,2012 leaving certificates are not available in our school,plz advice mi on what to do so that i can get it.i urgently it

    • ruth njeri says:

      I lost my documents in 2009 n I got no copies of them btI have my index it mandatory to have a recommendations frm my headteacher?

  55. ombasa elikanah omuro says:

    I lost everything as pple broke my rental house and took everything is my primary and secondary certs I did kcpe 1998 and kcse 2002 from tombe primary school and st James gionsaria sec. school please assist I can’t remember my codes at all

  56. Muyenzi Syomiti says:

    Hi, is a statement of examination results same as certificate replacement? kindly advice, my ID. No 25342070

  57. Murungi M Joy says:

    am joy from meru county. my secretarial result slips three of them had my name misspelt. the name appeared ‘Muriungi’ instead of ‘Murungi’ the other slips are ok.What should i do?

  58. Joy Mukiria Murungi says:

    hi am Joy from Meru. my secretarial result slips three of them had my name misspelt the other slips are ok. the name appeared ‘Muriungi’ instead of ‘Murungi’ what should i do to correct it.

  59. dawe nache ushe says:

    i lost ma kcpe certificates n now i want to apply fo tsc n also lacking result slip both for pimary n seco.wil it be possibl for mi to apply for replacemnt of primary cert without result slips?

  60. I lost my KCPE certificate, can it be possible to replace without following such procedures?.

  61. otieno charles says:

    Hi, i lost my kcpe certificate of the year 1998,is it replaceable and at how much


    Please i want to change the names in my KCSE certificate and KCPE certificate how is the way forward

  63. lorine says:

    I laminated my kcse certificate n in America thy don’t accept laminated ones so confused on how I will replace mine

  64. maya says:

    hey i lost my cert too i dont have even a photocopy of it or even the result slip… how can they help me can i still get my cert?

  65. ierne jepchirchir says:

    I completed the form for certicate replacement in august 2013 and I paid all the required amount but I have never gotten the will I get it or what must I do to get it

  66. Kiptoo immaculate says:

    thanks for replacements. i replaced my kcse cert in june, 15 but not done to date. all requirements where attached as needed. kindly assist 0722390385

  67. Isaac says:

    We are yet to receave our 2012 kcse results and im personaly tired of waiting.what could be the problen yet others who did the exam after us have already gotten thears!?

  68. faith mwende maingi says:

    a kcse certificate with an opaque photograph was returned for rectification. it was for 2012 and it has never been returned. one waits for how long? the certificates were returned by the school not individually.

  69. samwel ochieng says:

    Am samwel. I lost my certificate both secondary and primary last year how can I get them have got copies and the original results slip for kcse

  70. Sophy Keddy says:

    is it a must u have the recommendation letter. If u got both the result slip and leaving certificate

  71. mary salome says:

    Hi,i lost my kcse cert last year i had gone to mtihani house in person wth all documents required bt i was told that they are not replacing those from 2011 and mine was for the yr 2013.what will i do and i need it soon plz.and what of the fee that i had already paid?

  72. mary salome says:

    Am mary, i lost my kcse cert for the year 2013,i had followed the instructions and soon i went in person to mtihani house with all documents required bt i was told that they are not replacing those from 2011.what will i do since i need it soon? n again what of the fee i had already paid plz?

  73. Eric Nderitu says:

    I applied replacement of my lost kcpe certificate on July 22nd,2015. up to know have not gotten it. The condition is that I must produce a copy of the lost cert. what can I do if I HV no copy of the cert yet I provided all the other requirements?

  74. Nikasio Nyagah says:

    How long does it take for one to be issued with the new certificate?

  75. alosi benson says:

    Alosi Benson Odongo I lost my certificates both kcse and kcpe on fire even their copies bunt, my birth certificate also bunt , I went nek office and they send me to go and such the copies I don’t known were to start now pliz help me

  76. Patson kiplangat mengich says:

    My bro lost kcpe cert, he has paid 5k and adhere to all other requirements except a copy of cert or original result which he cannot find anywhere. Yet knec office still insist on the same. Please advice.

  77. my name is Stephen ochieng mbom, index 705210031,I.D-28659695,I sent my application forms via Ems Kenya have they been received.?

  78. Dorice Akafwale Anjawa says:

    I lost my KCPE and KCSE certificates in my house but I cant really tell who stole them. At the same time, I cant also remember my details like index number etc. please advice me the easiest procedure to follow.
    Contacts: 0720109213

  79. sang Dennis says:

    I lost my certificate of kcse 2012

  80. tipelio Gitonga gichovi says:

    Dear sir /madam.
    I applied for my kcse kcpe cert in March 17th 2016. Are they ready kindly.

  81. ombogo Wycliffe says:

    my certificate had a wrong picture what procedure do I follow,I did kcse 2010

  82. judy kanini nduli says:

    Hallo I applied for my kcse certificate last year and I want to collect it from Nairobi please can I get direction and also confirmation whether it is ready ?my id 25612978 contact 0716135949

  83. Eric says:

    I don’t have a result slip of the K.C.P.E nor do I have a copy of the certificate..Can my certificate be replaced

  84. Zakayo says:

    is it wrong to remove the holes on the certificate during binding. plz help

  85. gella namma says:

    does a visit to knec quicken the replacement

  86. Ongoro kevin says:

    I lost my certificate for 2014 please can I replace it?

  87. joseph says:

    i lost my 3 certificate by fire.KCPE KCSE &,college certificate.where to start? kindly advice

  88. Neema says:

    I lost my KCSE results slip for 2016 and already paid the required amount and the necessary documents how long will it take to get the replaced results slip at the University of Johannesburg its been two weeks now and the university application ends on 30th September. Kindly help

    • I want to change my certificate’s name both primary and secondary ,I registered using my mum’s name yet I want to change to my father’s name… I registered as Njeri John Murugu.I was at Gatongora primary and at karingu secondary school.please advice me .kindly I require your help.
      you can reach me through 0704841038.

  89. I lost my KCSE results slip for 2016 and already paid for the replacement slip and brought all the required documents its been two weeks now and still the University of Johannesburg has not received the results slip sent by KNEC. University application ends on 30th September kindly help.

  90. Pauline wambani says:

    Hi, I’m Pauline. I lost my KCPE certificate and I have no copy. I applied for replacement on may this year and got a message that it cannot be replaced unless I submit a copy of the same. I don’t know what to do because I have no copy and need the certificate to apply for tsc number. Please help


    Hy sir or madam I had a problem of spelling error with my middle name in KCPE cert and KCSE result slip can that be corrected?

  92. Daniel says:

    What I can’t believe this procedure how is one surely able to do all this


    I lost my certificate and i want a replacement.Do i pay before filling the form or the form is filled first?

  94. Brenda amwoka says:

    I lost a certificate of music festival 2016 what do i do?

  95. Gabriel owino obell says:

    I did my forth form exams in 2012 and not yet recieved the original certificate problem being that the principal is saying tha passport photos of the entire candidates of 2012 of that particular school where i did my exams has got problems. How can i get help from knec so that i can get my original certificate. Thanks

  96. mwau bonventure says:

    Do you mean if you sat for kcse after 2010,you can’t apply for replacement of certificate?

  97. peter makau says:

    Am peter makau,a 2011 kcse student at pcea kigio sec school in gatanga thika.I got my certificate with another persons can I do to get a certificate with my photo

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